Design Engineering

“To have a great idea — have a lot of them.”
Thomas Edison

Design is at the heart of what we do. We are the first name in returnable/reusable industrial packaging because we helped found the industry. While technologies and materials are ever-evolving, the challenge of identifying the lowest cost combination of process and materials remains unchanged. The best solution considers production volume, shipping distance, and end-user preferences.


The manufacturing team’s close involvement with our Design group provides an understanding of the practical and the possible. No other company comes close to having the experience, the breadth of converting equipment, or our range of raw materials. The breadth of our geographic footprint provides the horsepower to efficiently and quickly serve the market.

Launch Management

We can serve your extended enterprise in a way that is unmatched by others. Today, launches can involve package engineering, prototype reviews, production, and administrative functions in facilities owned by different companies in different states or countries. We communicate with you throughout the process to support the launch from beginning to end. We work with your extended team to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

Accelerated Service

We are known for our short lead times on both our returnable/reusable and expendable product lines; this is true for our entire process, from the development of specifications and quotes to delivering the finished product to your door. Our corporate capacity and large on-hand inventory of materials (paper, plastics, foams, textiles, and containers) ensure that you receive the F.A.S.T service you require.

The Right Container

Bradford Company is one of the largest purchasers of plastic containers and racks in North America. Our buying power results in savings for you. We offer more sizes than any single manufacturer – with the shortest lead times.

Bradford first considers your existing inventory to identify what can be repurposed or resized to meet your needs at a lower cost. We create efficient packaging that provides years of service, and support you with cleaning and repair during its lifecycle.

Testing and Validation

Bradford Company operates International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) certified testing laboratories at each of our locations. After all, customers determine quality in their plants — not yours.