Electronics packaging poses special challenges. In addition to their fragility, electronic components can be damaged by electrostatic discharge and electrical overstress. Electronic components are also subject to chemical degradation such as tarnish or polycarbonate stress-cracking, both of which can be caused by the outgassing of packaging materials over time. Bradford understands these issues and creates the materials and the container designs that are used by electronics manufacturers around the world.

Strata-Shield® is high-performance recycled paperboard (corrugated or solid fiber) which is coated with a thin buried layer of aluminum. The outer surface is an amine-free film which is humidity independent and permanently static dissipative. Is it non-contaminating through outgassing or direct contact. Strata-Shield creates a static dissipative surface over a highly-conductive Faraday cage. The material is stronger, cleaner, and 100% recyclable. Partitions made of Strata-Shield cost less and protect better than shielding bags. Click here for complete product specifications for Strata-Shield® ENV.

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