Lower price. Higher performance. Easier to handle. Safer to use. More usable interior space. Available with shorter lead times. Better for the environment. Lowering costs for freight, storage, and handling.

This is what our incredible Encore® totes deliver. Bradford invented a family of patented technologies which repurposes obsolete molded totes – of the wrong size and mismarked – into new and better totes.

Encore Features

Encore® totes are made by removing the side panels of conventional injection molded totes and replacing them with a welded ring of heavy plastic corrugated to employ vertical fluting, which delivers high compression resistance.

The result is a new lighter tote with less weight yet more interior space. A tote built to the exact height you need with new artwork and optional label holders. Inter-stackable with your conventional molded totes, the Encore® tote is built to perform, approved at several OEMs and major suppliers…and, of course, 100% recyclable.