We scour the world looking for materials that make better products.

Bradford brings added value through our use of proprietary materials which are cleaner and stronger yet softer and less abrasive than industry standards. We protect our customers’ products — and their reputations — with the best made interior protective packaging.

A significant component in delivering value is the redeployment of existing things toward entirely new uses. For example, clear plastic sheeting used for greenhouses in Ireland provides a low cost unbreakable window for visual control in pallet boxes. We build specialized shipping containers that utilize off-the-shelf garage door rollers to provide effortless product flow while saving steps and increasing throughput for a lineside operator.

We’ve developed foams that cushion to hold parts firmly, and foams which absorb energy and dampen shock. We create textiles that weigh less, wear longer, and provide a soft cradle for your parts. We often redeploy, rather than add to, the materials in standard packaging for improved performance.

We are different than the competition. We do more than design and build great packaging and material handling systems – we design and create the materials that give our customers a true advantage in the marketplace.