Bradtote Features

Bradford Company designs and manufactures customized returnable Bradtote® containers from a wide variety of plastic and plastic corrugated materials. These patented totes feature exceptional stacking strength and when coupled with customized interiors, Bradtotes offer unparalleled part protection. A wide range of interior dunnage designs can be developed to meet any need and available materials include solid and corrugated plastic, solid and laminated foam, die cut cavities, molded foam and fabric pouches.

The benefits of weight reduction and improved ergonomics are important considerations when evaluating any material handling system. Bradtotes are durable and much lighter than similarly sized injection molded containers. Unique or unusually shaped parts can be accommodated with custom sized Bradtotes designed for your specific application.

Bradtote containers offer an alternative to traditional injection molded totes. The rigors of a returnable program demand performance and Bradtotes deliver.