Strata-Shield® ENV     

Typical Performance Physical Properties & Characteristics

High-performance recycled solid fiber and corrugated paperboard coated with a metalized recyclable film. The amine-free film has a permanently static dissipative surface, is non-humidity dependent, and non-contaminating through outgassing or direct contact. The product has a buried metal shielding layer which creates a Faraday Cage. Solid fiber materials have film on both sides; corrugated materials are available in either one-sided or two-sided versions.

Strata-Shield ENV is converted into cartons, tote trays, and partition dividers which can be used for shipping and handling static sensitive devices. Partitions made of Strata-Shield cost less than shielding bags, require less packing labor, and provide superior physical protection during transportation and storage. Strata-Shield is stronger and cleaner than other paper materials. Chemically, Strata-Shield packaging is very stable, non-corrosive, and polycarbonate compatible.

Strata-Shield ENV®

U.S. Patent Nos. 5,017,260, 5,205,406 and 5,613,610; Additional Foreign Patents and Patents Pending

Corrosion Potential: No Corrosion Fed. Std. 101, Mtd. 3005
Polycarbonate Compatibility: Ranking: 0 (no attack) EIA-2222
Surface Resistance: 10⁹ ohms/square EOS/ESD S-11.11-1993
Buried Metallic Shielding Layer: 2-3 ohms/square NFPA 99 Resistance
Charge Decay Rate: <.01 Seconds FTMS 101c (4046)
Capacitive Probe: 0.53 nJ @ 12% RH & 0.63 nJ @ 50% RH EOS/ESD 11.31-1993
Repulpability: 100% Repulpable Paper Technology
Recyclability: 100% Recyclable Foundation Evaluations
Bio-Degradability: 100% Bio-Degradable
Recycled Content: Meets or Exceeds Standards API Guidelines
Abrasion Evaluation: No Rub Off or Sloughing Sutherland Method
Bursting Strength (B-Flute): 388 psi 1-side / 415 psi 2-side TAPPI T-810


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