ESD partitions can be designed for single one-way use or multi-use applications. Partition cells create outstanding physical protection and they assure accurate part counts. Our automated partition assemblers create dividers sized for your specific needs. Easier to use, less expensive and better density than either foam or individual shielding bags.

Strata-Shield® ENV

Strata-Shield® ENV is the ideal packaging for static-sensitive products. Strata-Shield® ENV anti-static material is made with a permanently static dissipative, non-humidity dependent, non-sparking, and amine-free surface, formulated for corrosion control and polycarbonate compatibility.

Strata-Shield® ENV advantages
  • superior physical protection of electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive materials
  • partitions cost less than anti-static bags and require less labor
  • abrasion resistant
  • recyclable
  • stronger and cleaner than other paper materials
  • dust resistant
Strata-Shield® ENV is ideal for
  • protecting electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive materials
  • anti-static trays and bins
  • anti-static pads
  • tote trays
  • partition dividers (both solid fiber and corrugated)
  • anywhere attracting dust is an issue

Complete product specifications for Strata-Shield® ENV.