The Redi-Rack® is another cost saving solution
from Bradford Company.


Tremendous savings are realized with increased usable dunnage space, freight savings and reduced in-plant cost. The design of the Redi-Rack also requires less space for storage and provides more room lineside in the assembly plant.

Weighing in at half the weight of similar sized steel racks and less than modified bulk boxes, the tough yet lightweight Redi-Rack will save fuel and further reduce logistics costs. With escalating steel prices the Redi-Rack is the smart choice.

Why Redi-Rack?

  • More useable space for your parts on the line
  • Half the weight of a steel rack
  • Light weight allows for movement on the line without a forklift
  • Stacks with any pallet system at desired in-plant height
  • Two sided access is available
  • Screen printed company graphics or logo on side panels