Sleeves offer better return ratios and an increase in usable space compared to a pallet box, and can be paired with custom dunnage. Though sleeves are used around the world, good sleeves can be hard to find. We understand the differences in materials and construction styles and our knowledge pays off in the performance and value you will receive.   Let Bradford help you pick the sleeve, pallet and cap that’s best for your application – and we can, of course tailor the optimal dunnage solution, too.


Horizontal Dispensing

The Horizontal Dispensing Unit (HDU) is available with customized interiors that afford loading and unloading from the side or front of a steel rack or molded pallet box. Using a variety of materials and textiles, cells are created to cradle each assembly. Specialty coatings and closure designs are available to meet your unique requirements.

Tri-laminate Sleeves

Designed for compact “knock down” and increased return ratios, a sleeve’s height can be custom sized to fit your part requirements. When collapsed the sleeve nests neatly inside its base and top, all within the pallet footprint.